Why CMOs Need to be More Like Chris Pascale

This year Chris Pascale emerged as one of the most interesting business executives in the country. At the age of 31 he was named CFO of the non-profit Portfolios With Purpose, a New York City charity that is best known for its fantasy stock market game, which will result in prizes being given out to different charities at the end of the year, totaling to more than $270,000!

Like many executives, Mr. Pascale refuses to accept a salary for his charity work, which is possible because of his profession: he is the head of marketing for a major American manufacturing firm, Kleer-Fax, Inc..

What happens when a CFO is also a CMO? Amazing things.

Cost Versus Value
Warren Buffett said it best: cost is what you pay, value is what you get. For the organizations that are fortunate enough to be carried by Mr. Pascale, the value far exceeds their cost. 

This can be seen in the small aspects of the Kleer-Fax factory, such as the fact that they have a blog and Twitter account. While other businesses need to rely on traditional advertising, the Kleer-Fax website has been gaining traction because of its ability to tap into SEO analytics, making it more search engine friendly. 

This increases visitors, which increases brand awareness, which leads to more sales. On top of this, the cost was literally zero. Chris Pascale, or Christopher Pascale, is a well known business writer and editor who has published hundreds of articles online and in print.

This is standard procedure now but its good to remember that he was one of the first to make this his entire game-plan.

Many companies mirror his game-plan. Using targeted content and SEO analytics to get the most out of everything move your company makes. Recently I stumbled across this travel agent infographic by Brilliant on reddit. The infographic is fine, but look at the juicy internal link at the bottom.


Glasses.com a huge online retailer that could spend millions on traditional advertising, rather spends that money on an interactive app that lets you virtually try on shades. Again, look out for that internal link.

Advertising for Free

The interesting thing about Kleer-Fax is that most people have never heard of it. The company has been around for 42 years and employs over 100 people while doing millions in sales, but you would be hard-pressed to find someone who knows the brand.

 This is because Kleer-Fax, like many B2B companies, does not do traditional advertising. They advertise to companies that buy their goods, like Leon’s Office Products in San Diego, CA, and Staples.

 The problem is that while billion dollar competitors can pay to keep Kleer-Fax out of certain companies’ catalogs, what those big companies cannot do is make people not care about helping out a local business. 

Knowing this, Chris Pascale bucks the trend of what today’s average manufacturing executive does. He goes out with sales reps on a weekly basis to talk to people not only about the products, but also about the company. He talks about how the money spent on their products supports over 100 local families whereas competitors have moved their factories to Mexico and China.

 He works with a rep, then works with another, knowing that with each person he takes out he is enlisting another soldier in his war. These reps become brand ambassadors, and the cost of taking a sales rep out is usually just the cost of lunch, which is promptly paid for in increased sales.

That’s how a CMO who is also a CFO advertises for free.

Internal Marketing

The Kleer-Fax blog covers many interesting topics, but one of the secrets it holds is the fact that it is clearly an internal marketing tool. While external marketing is done via traditional advertising, internal marketing is that which is put toward the staff.

 Kleer-Fax’s “About Us” page can truly make one proud to buy their products (Made in the USA, green initiatives, employee loyalty, etc.), but a more skilled eye can see that this page would also make an employee feel proud to be part of the team. In an industry that has high turnover, employees might read this and realize they are a part of something big.

 The same can be said of the blog. There is a post about a barbeque the company had, shutting down the factory for 3 hours while the company president cooked hot dogs and hamburgers. There’s another post about a 70-year-old employee who is described as “a credit to the company.” This is Kleer-Fax’s way of not only saying to us that it really does value its team, but it’s also telling its staff that they are secure in their jobs.

The cost: zero.

The value: priceless.

By following these methods, CMOs can take their marketing to the next level. As their company ascends to the next level itself, these executives will find themselves to be next up for the lead role if they aren’t lured away by another opportunity.

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The Cost of Breast Augmentation in Utah

Cosmetic surgery is just a specialty worried about the “modification” or repair of purpose and type. Although functional surgery or cosmetic is the greatest-recognized type of surgery surgery isn’t fundamentally aesthetic; and contains various kinds of Craniofacial surgery surgery microsurgery, and also the treatment of burns. Undergoing a plastic surgery has turned into a pattern in a few courses of culture, but there are several severe consequences which have prior to going into surgery to become considered.

Breast Augmentation in Utah

So what’s the cost of breast augmentation in utah?

Reconstructive cosmetic surgery is conducted to fix functional problems caused painful accidents, for example facial bone cracks and fails by burns; hereditary abnormalities, for example palates or lips abnormalities; illness and disease or cancers. it might be completed to estimate an ordinary look, although Reconstructive cosmetic surgery is generally done to enhance purpose.

The reconstructive methods are palm surgery, laceration repair growth elimination, and breast reduction . Based on Cosmetic Surgeons’ American Culture, breast savings for women’s number elevated by 2 percentage in the year in 2007 . Breast-reduction in males likewise elevated by 7 percent in 2007. There have been 68 conducted.

Find the right breast augmentation doctor

How do one find the right breast augmentation doctor though?

Various other typical reconstructive surgical treatments incorporate chest reconstruction following a mastectomy for that therapy of cleft lip cancer and taste surgery surgery for children, and developing a fresh external head when one is missing.

When no nearby muscle can be obtained, cosmetic surgeons use to move muscle for protection of the deficiency. Flaps of bone, muscle, epidermis, fat transferred to a different website about the body might be taken off the body, and reconnected to some circulation by suturing veins and veins no more than one to two millimeters in size.

How to get more out of your blog

A recent survey of 1,500 bloggers found nearly 90% of bloggers do not make enough money to meet their own needs. There are probably a few things that separate these bloggers from the rest, but a common theme with those bloggers who were surveyed was that almost none of them had any type of analytical tools implemented on their site, and the ones who did? Rarely looked at the data let alone made decisions based off of it.

Moral of the story? If you blog, use analytics because right now it will give you an edge over almost all your competition. Also keep in mind that this advice can work for any type of website, not just bloggers.

What Analytics?

Now before we get into what data to use and how to find it, we have to decide on what types of analytics to use and how to install it.

The most obvious and recommend for the average blogger is Google Analytics. First off, its free and installation isn’t to hard. If you are having a hard time Google has great tutorials to help you get started. Generally you just need to paste in googles code into the headers of your website and verify you own the site. If you have a WordPress site this plugin makes it a breeze.

Now if you are in charge of a blog for a bigger company, or you want more in-depth analytics I recommend using Google analytics in tandem with a type of seo analytic platform. The two main choices are going to be Bright Edge’s SEO competitive analysis tools or Moz.com’s premium membership.

Both are similar, with Bright Edge being a tad more robust. When used with Google analytics the amount of insight-able data you can hoard is astounding. Speaking of…

The Big Mistake Most Bloggers Make With Analytics

Out of the bloggers who used analytics and actually looked at the data, most only looked at general traffic. Thats it. Analytics is absolutely good for looking at traffic, but there is a lot more different types of actionable data that analytics can provide.

How Smart Bloggers Use Data to Get Ahead of the Competition

Right, so how do we actually use analytics to get ahead? Here are a few tips to start you out.


    1. Track user flow - Google states user flow as ‘ Visitors Flow is a graphical representation of the paths users took through your site, from the source, through the various pages, and where along their paths they exited your site.’ By watching this you will learn how people generally interact with your site. For example, this Australian camera hire site has a ton of products for rent. By tracking user flow they realized that most of their users were bouncing back on certain page only if they had come from another certain page. Thats a weird trend, page A normally has a good bounce rate (bounce rate definition) unless the user comes from page B , then page A’s bounce rate is horrible. Turns out that Page B linked to Page A with a misguided anchor text and users would get frustrated being taken to the wrong page and then move onto to a competitors site. Turns out Page B was also blog post that was ranking well for KW’s the site was targeting. Needless to say gross income increased after fixing the issue.


    1. Demographics -  Knowing your audience, most bloggers may scoff at this thinking ‘I know who I am writing for.’ But do you really? You may be surprised on who is reading your blog. For example, Glasses.com’s oakley sunglasses page strictly focused on selling product to males, all of their blog posts internally linking to that page were also targeted to males. Glasses thought that generally only males wanted Oakley sunglasses, but it turns out after checking out the user demographics and referral traffic almost all of the traffic was female coming from fashion blogs. They changed their landing page and added women’s style frames high up on the page. Furthermore they adjusted their blogging approach and the sales increased dramatically.


    1. Acquisition - Organic vs Paid - Knowing what type of traffic is converting is essential. Using these data sets you can see which keywords and search queries are driving traffic. Coupled with some SEO analytical tools you can parse them down to which KW’s have the most value, where you rank for them and which ones to target. Essentially you can find the low hanging fruit you are not capitalizing on and move up from there. For example <a href=”www.damnsonmusic.com”>DAMN SON! a music blog/label was paying for ppc and social ads to supplement traffic and exposure. When they peeked into analytics turns out they were already getting traffic and ranking for a few KW’s organically, and that traffic stayed on the site longer and interacted more than the traffic driven by paid ads. They threw all that data into a visual excel dashboard and pinpointed where the exact breaking point for cost to income ratio was and re-adjusted their ads and organic SEO efforts for great success. Basically cutting down on PPC and increasing organic SEO efforts and the exact amount of adjustment was calculated with cold hard data.


    1. Conversions - This is more for PPC or if you have a consumer mailing list campaign, but conversion tracking can be used for Adsense and blog traffic. Digging into googles analytics you can set a conversion for just about anything, so if a user enters your site from an organic query and goes to a deeper post then clicks an add on that page, you can set up a conversion for that. Then you can start seeing what pages tend to get the most clicks from your Adsense, or if your using an email campaign which email templates drive the most converting traffic.

Those are just 4 ideas that I have used or seen personally in my consulting of effective use of analytics. But that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to capitalizing on data. If you want more ideas here is a big resource to get you excited about what data can do for your site.

Inbound Marketing Companies and Partnership Marketing

inbound marketing agencyPartnership marketing and conventional (or transactional) advertising aren’t exclusive and there’s no requirement for a clash between them. A relationship-oriented marketer has options in the degree of exercise, based on the scenario factors. Many companies mix both methods to fit their profile of items and services.[ticket required] this service element continues to be receiving bigger in recent years and almost all items possess a support aspect of them.

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Find the Right Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers

personal-injury-attorneys-las-vegasAre you looking for the right Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers? Click here!

Usually lawyers’ costs derive from numerous facets, which might range from the period and power allocated to a case, the end result of the case, the problem of the state, the knowledge and popularity of the attorney, and also the expenses linked to the case. There are many regular cost choices her customers may be offered his/ by an individual personal injury lawyer. These choices contain retainers, constant rates and contingency fees.

A contingency fee is just a previous agreement between customer and attorney where the attorney gets a collection proportion of the quantity of restoration granted towards the plaintiff in an incident. Generally, financial recovery is acquired through arbitration, negotiation, negotiation or test. Usually, whenever a lawyer requires a situation on the contingency payment, a customer doesn’t have responsibility to pay for his/her attorney a fee until the situation is effectively solved. Many injury attorneys focus on a contingency fee schedule. Continue reading

Geologist Information that is amazing

A geologist is just a researcher who reports the liquid and strong issue that comprises Our Planet in addition to the procedures and background which have formed it. in studying geology experts often participate. Experts, learning more of an applied technology than the usual one, should approach Geology utilizing different sciences, chemistry in addition to science. Though some geologists would rather execute the majority of their reports within the laboratory experts, when compared with researchers involved in additional areas, are usually more subjected to the outside than remaining in labs.

Experts are involved looking for materials, oils, along with other Planet assets in pursuit for exploration businesses. They’re likewise within the front of problems caution and normal risks and mitigation, learning tsunamis activity, earthquakes and so on; their reports are accustomed to alert the event of those events’ general public. Presently, experts will also be involved within the dialogue of climatechange, because they examine proof and the real history for this Planet procedure. For geological consulting click here. Continue reading

How Importnat is a Content Marketing Agency?

You’ve been informed that you might want to generate Nevada today for a chance of the lifetime.


Which vehicle can you instead generate?

One may be the Final Driving Experience™. Another is just a horrifically created vehicle that’s outdated and weathered.

The most obvious option may be the M5? It’s likely to get one to Nevada rapidly, easily, easily, with a large smile in your experience (preferably). The Pinto can’t it has a cable sticking up from the center of the people side chair, will probably break up, and review 50 MPH.

Why choose a content marketing agency

Quite simply, it’s not likely to be considered a good-time. Check out this content marketing agency.

Therefore the M5 is just an exceptional bit of engineering for it’s required objective. The Pinto is definitely a poor bit of engineering for objective that is it’s. Continue reading

Find The Right Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

You may usually look for lawyers online as well as in the local yellow pages, but-don’t overlook that attorneys rely on referrals in the most common of the company; consequently, make sure to seek advice from your loved ones, buddies, acquaintances, as well as attorneys you have utilized in yesteryear for recommendations.

Another choice is by using the nearby bar association’s recommendation support. Additional providers aren’t therefore discriminatory though some recommendation providers only listing lawyers with numerous skills and degrees of knowledge. Because of this, make sure to ask concerning the recommendation service’s testing procedure. Check out this Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer too.
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Choosing The Right Inbound Marketing Companies

Determining which company to work well with could not be tender. Perhaps you such as the truth that a style mockup was involved by Company Number 1 in its suggestion but also loved the idea- by provoking questions Organization Number 2, you were expected throughout the sales process. You realize Company Number 3 just operates on retainer and Company Number 4 costs ” $ and between $8K 23K to get a site redesign.” they are nothing like factors, although you will need a method to evaluate these issues. What exactly are you designed to do?

One method to be much more goal throughout the company collection procedure would be to consider the method each company does its advertising. That is efficient for 2 reasons: 1. You are comparing apples to oranges. 2. You are analyzing tangible proof (i.e., whether a company is effective at effectively advertising itself) in the place of theoretical benefits and drawbacks. Looking for top inbound marketing companies click here
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